Product Selection

Offering What Customers Need Without Limits

Skyline Home Loan’s extensive array of loan programs provides our borrowers with a larger selection of home loans unlike any other. When it comes to home loans, every loan scenario is unique and we know our loan selection should be too.

By being part of Skyline, you can be confident in knowing you have one of the most diverse loan product offerings available to you.

Agency Products


Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac– Seller Services

  • Minimal overlays
  • Fixed and Hybrid ARM Products
  • Conforming and High Balance loan limits
  • Up to 97% LTV
  • Affordable Products available
  • Lender Paid MI on Fixed Products
  • HARP 2 – DU Refi Plus & Open Access
  • Up to 10 Financed Properties for investment loansConventional
  • Manufactured Homes allowed


Ginnie Mae - Issuer

  • Minimal overlays
  • FHA Conforming and High Balance loan limits
  • FHA Streamline for Conforming and High Balance loan limits with no DTI calculation and minimum documentation
  • FHA 203K with FHA requirements
  • VA Conforming and High Balance loan limits
  • VA IRRRLs allowed for Conforming and High Balance with streamlined documentation
  • USDA up to 100% LTV
  • Manufactured Homes allowed for both VA and FHA products

Non Agency Products


Aggregators & REIT’s

  • Loan amounts up to $5,000,000
  • LTVs up to 90% with no MI
  • Down to 620 credit score
  • 2-4 unit properties
  • Interest Only products available
  • Investment properties
  • Second home
  • Condos
  • ARM & fixed rate available

Non QM/Other Products

Multiple Investors/Skyline Proprietary

  • High Ratio programs for up to 55%
  • Down Payment Assistance Programs
  • Bank Statement Programs
  • 1 day out of Foreclosure program
  • 1 Year Tax Return
  • Asset Depletion programs
  • Alternative Income programs
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Interest Only
  • Commercial Loans for > 5 unit properties and businesses
  • 80/10/10

Current as of January 2017

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