How Skyline Loan Officers Make Our Buyers More Competitive

It’s no secret that housing inventory is low right now. For buyers trying to enter the market, the shortage poses a huge problem. Buyers look at dozens of homes before moving forward and often times, biding wars occur.

That’s not good for buyers OR loan officers.

When all buyers want to do is live happily ever after in their new homes, getting constantly outbid can be really discouraging. So what can lenders do to make our buyers more competitive?

Here are just a few things:

  1. Reputation matters. Referral partners won’t send you referrals if you’ve had problems delivering in the past. And the reputation of your company matters too. Some companies like Skyline are known throughout the industry for closing loans quickly with high customer satisfaction. And buyers who work with reputable lenders get taken seriously.
  2. We make sure that everything is good to go during the pre-approval process. Homebuyers know what price range is realistic and realtors know that working with Skyline means everyone is prepared.
  3. We work with our borrowers to make their offers as good as cash.
  4. Our loan officers help people erase contingencies, making them more attractive buyers.
  5. We make sure our loan officers are in control of the situation from start to finish, and since everything is done in house, the close on time promise is much easier to fulfill.

Skyline’s loan officers go above and beyond, and that’s why they close more loans, and they close them faster than the industry standard. That translates to more money, more leads, more satisfied customers, and more repeat business. It’s the ultimate win win.

If you want to learn more about how we help borrowers get their dream homes, give me a call or shoot me an email.